Design Brief

Character Design and Animation

Project Overview

What: Character design & animation

Where: To be used in our new Period Tracking App (built in Flutter)

Why: To create the most fun & entertaining period tracking app in the world.

User-base: Our previous app had >100k downloads. With everything we’ve learnt, we will be scaling our new App to 500k - 1 million users in 2021.

Tools: Rive 2

Project Length: 2-3 months (and possibly more ongoing future work)

Main Concept: Firstly, users will be able to customize their character avatar. Secondly, avatars will be able to express/depict various period symptoms (e.g menstrual cramps) via animated effects/poses/expressions.

About Us

Blood is a period care brand that believes that blood isn’t inherently bad and periods don’t need to be shunned.

Armed with an intimate understanding of womanhood, our products & experiences are thoughtfully designed to bring relief and new possibilities - so that women do not have to compromise on the things they want to do. 

Today, our products are made accessible to females around the world both digitally and via over 5,000 offline stores.

Having powered women through more than a million periods, Blood forges ahead on its mission of bringing better periods and better days to half the world.

Brand Name: Blood

Company Name: Pslove Pte. Ltd.

Year founded: 2014

Headquarters: Singapore

Start-up Stage: Series Pre-A

Retailer Store Network: >5,000 stores

Core Business: Designing & selling innovative period products to consumers