Design Brief

Contract design work for 3 to 6 months+

We are a Vancouver, Canada-based, venture-funded B2B startup. We are in the process of launching the free version of our app and getting closer to the paid version. We need a designer able to work on both product (UI) design and our marketing website. Initially, we crafted a common design system for both, but found it easier to manage them separately using common elements. We want a consistent experience between the two and have needs on both sides of the house.

What we need:

  • An experienced product UI designer that also loves activating brands on marketing sites
  • They must have excellent communications skills (English fluency)
  • Remote, but ideally located in either North American time zones or Ukraine, Poland or Rumania
  • Preference to work in Figma

How we would work together:

We will be responsible for maintaining a prioritized backlog of design requirements. You would commit 2-3 days per week to the contract or retainer. Why not project-based? Because we don't want to get into scoping requirements and debating changes on fixed projects. For those reasons and our desire to treat this person like a member of our team, we will not consider design agencies.

We use Slack, Zoom (for collaboration), Notion (task backlog and requirements), Miro (workflows and wireframes), and Figma (design system and design deliverables). There would be a weekly standup call for 15–30 minutes and a bi-weekly call with our partner web development agency (15 minutes) to discuss requirements and prioritize work. That would be included in the hours you would be expected to work. You will work directly for our UX lead and collaborate with marketing and product management.

What we will be building together:

We are developing an analytics platform for digital-first teams to help them study the way we interact with our technology. We believe that messaging, calls, and meetings are causing a significant distraction in the workplace, and we want teams to be able to better understand their impact so that they can use their tools and their time more effectively. If you like fitness and sleep tracking apps and are passionate about the future of remote work, you will love what we are building.