Design Brief

Company overview deck - visual design

We are seeking a designer with experience building startup investor decks or company overview presentations in Google Slides.

We have the content for this presentation, brand guidelines, and associated photo assets, but these elements have not been combined into a visually cohesive deck.

  • 20 slides, with an initial deliverable and contract check-in after 5 slides are in draft form.
  • Illustration experience is a plus, and we will consider additional project scope if you'd like to create illustrations for this deck.
  • Searching for someone with excellent layout and graphic design skills.
  • Potential for more work across more of our visual communications if this first project is a success, as measured by the team's acceptance of this presentation as our default company overview presentation.

About us: Running Tide is a global ocean health company. Our fast-growing, multidisciplinary teams of world-class scientists, engineers, and maritime operators design and implement interventions that rebalance Earth’s carbon cycle, decarbonize global supply chains, restore marine ecosystems, and revitalize coastal communities. Our corporate operations, business development, communications, and policy teams support Running Tide’s front-line workers in scaling our interventions to tackle humanity’s most urgent challenges: restoring ocean health and combating climate change.