Design Brief

Storyboard for a web app for cooking

Hi Designers!

We're looking for product UX/UI designers who can take the initial product idea and turn it into a visual storyboard that can showcase the communication flow. Our company’s mission is to create a community where anyone can establish a better and healthier relationship with food. Our initial product will be a simple communication web app that helps people get personalized guidance and feedback to learn and practice self-serve meals. 

We have identified the target audience, problem, and solution at a very high level. What we need from UX/UI designers is to create a storyboard that can show how users can communicate and interact.

Target Audience

Even though we are building a cooking app, the service is not for someone who can cook regularly or enjoys cooking as a hobby. The target users are primary remote workers who spend most of their time in their homes and who are struggling to learn and practice making self-made meals in their busy schedule. Users do not necessarily want to interact with others, but they are interested if there is a clear goal. Those are people who have a clear intention to change their lives to better serve themselves and their families. 

The Problem

The desired outcome for the target audience is to be able to serve meals by themselves. The primary problem that prevents users from achieving desired outcomes is a lack of personalized guidance and feedback. The motivation to achieve this outcome is to save time on meal preparation without spending unproductive time searching for recipes and tutorials. It’s important for them to access the relevant information that fits their own lifestyle and food preferences.

The Solution

It's still in the ideation phase. The idea is a learner-centric tool to help users articulate their individual needs and get some help from others. We’d like to explore the simplest possible communication flow that facilitates involvement from others while minimizing inputs. The platform does not promise that they will get responses from professional chefs. The initial product will be a free product that focuses on helping users clarify what guidance or support they may need. 

If you are interested in learning more about our company and project, feel free to reach out. looking forward to collaborating!

Thank you.