Design Brief

Website for a data automation product

This is not your run-of-the-mill boring corporate brand.

SAPPOWERUSERs are people who can accomplish things in days that take weeks or even months for teams to accomplish. SAPPOWERUSERs are superheroes that don't have to wear cloaks because they never needed costumes to be noticed. Their work made them stand out and now with the tools, we make available on our website, these powerful SAP business users can now be the 10X versions of themselves.

There are 3 objectives:

  • Establish a brand identity through logo and colors that communicate fun solutions with automation and data and success and differentiation through a work smarter not harder approach
  • Create a landing page website with Webflow - one landing page showcasing the 2 main products that are an SAP Data Connector and a PowerBI/PowerAutomate addon that speak to each other to allow data from SAP to flow into the Microsoft Power Platform without any code.
  • Create a blog theme for the same site that will house small educational "how-to" content that is searchable and tagged for a variety of business processes (Hint look at for flow)

This is brief for logo/branding, landing page, and blog page design for