Design Brief

Social, Email & More Graphics for App

Hello! We are a startup marketing agency in SF that has many clients that need social media content creation and more. We are looking for a designer to help us with a finance mobile app that needs the following: (minimum, more to come)

  • Social Media Banners for all social media from YouTube to Facebook
  • 10 apple App Store Images
  • 8 Google play app store images
  • 30 social media posts (designed for IG), along with 5 core template themes 
  • 10-15 HTML email templates

What We Talk About:

PEOPLE: We’re all about the power of community and compounding your efforts as a team.

  • 40% Witty Community commentary (about their “hyve”)

MONEY: We believe money is a tool to create a life that you love. 

  • 10% Finance facts and statistics
  • 20% Money leader/influencer quotes + resources 

PRODUCT: We create the latest and greatest features to reach your goals faster.

  • 20% Easy how-to guide / walk-through demo of cool product features
  • 10% Science of our features (why writing your goal down is important, etc.)

How We Serve it Up (Template Formats):

  • Memes
  • Screenshotted tweets/app conversations
  • Notable quotes
  • Spotlighted facts and statistics
  • Animated app demos

To apply, please send me a relevant example portfolio work and rough budgets. Thank you.