Design Brief

Looking for Freelance UI Designer

We are building a food intelligence search tool (Mobian Fit) to understand nutrition and related characteristics by food product. The tool is based on the USDA Branded Foods Database which contains about 400,000 food products. We've built a simple UI at to demonstrate the functionality that you can reference as well. 

To start, we'd be looking for you to put together a design for the homepage search on mobile (with advanced search functionality integrated), which should be delivered in Figma. For design inspiration, we'd be looking to model the design as much as possible off of our existing product, (but feel free to iterate on or improve it!). An outline of the concept and some very rough wireframe designs can be found at this Figjam link. The color scheme for Mobian Fit should be blue, and we build all of our products with a mobile-first mindset, prioritizing clean design.

If it's a good fit after the initial design, we have design needs for additional screens for Mobian Fit as well as some other products we're working on, so there could be an opportunity for additional work.