Design Brief

Sustainable Fashion Marketplace

Who we are:

With Intention (or will be an online retail space for sustainable & ethical fashion built using the Shopify framework. It will be a traditional marketplace, like any online retailer, but will give room for brands to adequately tell their story and how they give back.

Business Model:

With Intention will not fulfill any of the orders nor carry inventory, but instead will take a commission on the goods sold and leave the fulfillment up to the brands.

What we need:

We are looking for a partner to help build on the foundation of our website to get it up to the professional quality needed to be successful and to continue to work with as the website expands.

Specific items we need help with:

  • Copywriting/Storytelling on the site
  • Increasing functionality and polish
  • We want to get up to speed with our competitors
  • Implementation of key features
  • Ability to search by location (or in our case "impact area")
  • Implementation of traditional retail shopping space (ex. fashion marketplaces like Nordstrom, Neiman's, etc.)
  • Brand Store / Product Page redesign to enhance the brand’s ability to tell its story.
  • Implementation of Two-way-marketplace functionality. This will use Shopify applications and will not need to

To see where we are currently go to and use password pepost to browse the site.