Design Brief

Futuristic 3D design and illustration

We're here to inspire people to see their positive impact when they use green transport solutions

We want to illustrate and translate the amount of CO2 in a language the normal person can relate to.

When you take a the train instead of a gasoline car, you save the environment for x amount production of hotdogs, coffee, minutes in a warm shower, video streaming etc. (this you're able to calculate on the website by typing in start and end address + selecting transport type, where we have an algorithm to generate your reduction of CO2)

We focus on your positive impact to inspire, we're not educators or interested in showing people how bad their CO2 footprint is. POSITIVE!

We're looking for a futuristic look and will be the new kid on the block

The Job:

Kindly accept this project and send examples on your earlier creations.