Design Brief

Landing Page Design

I'm looking for a new landing page design for a client. They are called "The Corporate Presence" and they make deal toys/deal tombstones for companies.

The issue:

We are running LinkedIn ads but our current landing page isn't converting. The ads are targeted at Pharmaceutical companies (typically when pharma companies launch a new drug or have their IPO or some other notable achievement, they get deal toys to commemorate them.)

Here is the current landing page -

Though, we are launching a new, updated website for them in 1-2 weeks. So we'd want this design to be aligned with this new website.

For more info on their new design/branding here is their staging site -

Lastly, here is their Pharma Industry page on the new staging site which has a bit more helpful info and images of past pharma deal toys -

For extra info on the company and the target client, you can see their Buyer Personas here -

The 2nd Persona is a Pharma CEO which is relevant for this landing page.

Here are links to the 2 ads for further information