Design Brief

Packaging/Label design

I am looking for a talented Graphic Designer to create labels for 3 of our starting SKUs

About us?

We operate a portfolio of e-commerce brands and are looking to launch one in the dog supplement niche ASAP, we have a proven track record in the space and are working on a short time frame for the launch. 

What we're after?

Graphic designers that are primarily focused on creativity, although we have branding guidelines/inspirations already created for you, we value independent creativity/free thought and designers that can work fast and efficiently. 

If we're happy with the label designs we have a plethora of other services that we'll need to be completed too - Logo, Typography, Website Content, Emails, etc

If you're interested, kindly accept this project to know more.

We are flexible on pricing, finer details can be worked out later down the line so please feel free to apply.