Design Brief


We're developing an ad film for a diet food brand and require concept art to be developed.

Below is a brief of the ad:

  • The setting of the commercial is on a fictional tropical island (like Fiji, maybe) in the 1940s but with technology. This island is the production and manufacturing HQ of the brand.
  • The island is whimsical, a little out of the ordinary, with art direction best described as Lost meets Loki (the show). Little creatures (like Oompa Loompas or Minions) can be found all around the island, performing tasks factory-style like sourcing fresh produce from the farms, working at the food lab, dispatching and delivering food, attending the switchboards etc.
  • The ad film will focus on a group of people getting a walkthrough of the island from the tour guide.

Further references, storyboards, etc. will be shared and discussed in detail once the concept developer confirms it.

7-8 concept art pieces in different settings on the island are needed to bring this concept to life.