Design Brief

Logo for Fashion Streetwear Brand

We are looking for the Fashion Streetware logo. Our brand name is HUMAN ORIGIN or HORIGIN. Our brand focus is on telling you about everything that exists in this time period, starting from our brand name "human origin".

Our reference fashion brands are Vetement, Pleasure, Noah, Vitali, Chrome Heart, and Maternal Disaster. Symbol, acronym, logotype, mastot, abstract logo. We prefer more symbols and acronyms, but you can make three other types of logos if you want to and think we'll like them.

You can make a logo from the first two letters of our brand name "HO" or you can make a symbol from scratch that resembles our brand identity. We prefer symbols, like in a file called Vitali. Regarding color, we prefer black and white, monochrome and bold colors. We can send some references for you to understand what we really want.

If you've got a question to ask, we'll be glad to answer. Give us your best work of art. We'd like to hear your thoughts about the logo. Tell us if you need more time to work.

Please give us a file or link to your design portfolio. We'll remove your entry if you don't have experience designing similar types of logos and don't have a passion for fashion streetwear logo design.