Design Brief

Dashboard for creating audio guides

Hi designers!

This product is to help museums and galleries easily create their own audio guides without any outside help or hardware! They will be able to use text-to-speech APIs through our app or upload their own audio files. Of course, it has to be professional but not black & white boring, we want to make creating audio guides seamless and even a bit fun. The app will need the following screens:

  • Sign up & create an organization - If the user does not already have an account they will need to sign up (with Gmail, apple, or custom email and password) and create or join an organization*.
  • Login.
  • Audio guides - The user is shown a grid of all their audio guides, if none have yet been made then there is a placeholder encouraging the user to create one.
  • Audio guide - This page contains the audio files in the audio guide. A user can carry out all CRUD operations from this page as well as reorder the audio files.

I have a flow chart with more detail that I'll provide. I work with designers often in my day job so I like to think I'd be easy to work with :)