Design Brief

Social Fashion Discovery - App (Figma)

We are in the process of developing a new fashion discovery platform where users have the ease of accessing all kinds of aesthetics, fashion interests and new trends - that are not limited by just a few fashion brands or a singular retailer’s catalogue.

We want users to find and create aesthetics and appearances that match their interests and engage (follow, reply) with like-minded creative or simply fashion-curious users.

With the interfaces specified below, users should easily be able to:

  1. Browse new posts, trends, content-categories for inspiration, new insights and to save the best posts in their personal ‘Collections’.
  2. Search by specifying a particular aesthetic or item by trend-tag or clothing- attributes - like category, material, brand, size, color, etc.
  3. Shop more consciously. By digitally composing looks with clothing they already own and ones they may seek to buy, to avoid let-downs, returns and instead improve the chances of a satisfactory purchase.


Intended Final Deliverables (in Figma)

  1. Styleguide - Consisting of Fundamental Interface Design: General Navigation & Header Components.
  2. Layout with defined component shapes, color scheme and border styling.
  3. Design the Journey of Searching in the Catalogue
  4. Design the Journey of Composing a Digital Look
  5. Create a User Profile Page

Intended Milestones & Communication Exchanges

  • Kick-off Talk-through & Discussion of interface and journey principles
  • Designer to review documentation and prepare feedback
  • Designer to make feedback and suggestions of changes communicable through concept design and prepare to have a meeting to discuss
  • We discuss and design to steer into (next item)  - Core Design Choices
  • Create Core Design Choices in line with the intended deliverables
  • Together we review and discuss the ‘Core Design Choices’.
  • Designer puts feedback of this review into Final Design Deliverables.
  • Conclusion of the final transfer


You will be provided with:

  • Wireframes and descriptions of components
  • - - General Interface Components (Layout, Menu Navigation)
  • - - Feed & Search Interface
  • - - Digital Look Composer
  • - - Profile Page
  • Colour-scheme assumptions
  • References we considered relevant.