Design Brief

Holiday Campaign/Brand Guide for Winery

Due Date: ASAP

Project Title: Q4 2021 Digital Creative Concepting for Sh!tshow Wines

Project Overview:

Sh!tshow Wine is an edgy brand with a tongue-in-cheek sarcastic take on current events (Covid, Bad Luck, or any other event that seems like a Sh!tshow). The brand needs a digital design campaign to draw in wine buying consumers (e-commerce is key) who not only like to laugh a bit at the world but enjoy high quality tasting wines. The catch; **we need to also be able to comply with current wine and alcohol marketing guidelines issued by the FTC, Wine Institute, various ad platforms like Facebook, Instagram. Adroll, Tik Tok, YouTube, etc… . (see guidelines document) 


What Wine Buyers Want: 

  • Small-production, hard-to-find wines not widely available at their local retailer.
  • “Insider” access to the best kept secrets in the world of wine
  • Education and knowledge that is not too elitist or snobby
  • To have true confidence in, and knowledge of wines, that are produced from responsibly sourced grapes.
  • To support wineries that do good in the world.
  • Wines to impress their friends at their next dinner party
  • To “visit” your winery virtually so they can learn all about the people and the place and the lifestyle
  • To participate in the wine industry as if they were a professional


Immediate Need Deliverables for this Engagement: Provide a quote for the following

  • Holiday Campaign Concept
  • Taglines
  • Campaign Assets
  • Vectors, PhotographyDirection /Short Video/Influencer Assets
  • Evergreen Campaign (Occasion Based Wine Buying and Wine Club)
  • Direct Mail Design Cards for Online Wine Tastings
  • :15/:30 Evergreen YouTube Commercial
  • Possible Evergreen Email Templates (new ESP is
  • Evergreen Brand Style Guide including photography direction, tone, voice, logo presentation, etc...

Website Sizes: Fullscreen Responsive

Email Image Sizes: TBD

Campaign Themes 

Campaign #1: Holiday Purchasing and Gift Giving

Campaign #2: Occasion Based Gift Giving

More details available upon request