Design Brief

Illustration for Animation

3 illustrations from different perspectives of the below church sanctuary will be animated (in a minimal “parallax” format.) These should be done in a minimalist illustration that keeps the church recognizable for those who have been there but renders it and the people therein a “stylized” manner. 

Looking to spend 3-4K.

These will be inserted into a longer video about the revival of a church and its building.  Because these will be animated in a parallax style, it is important to build the layers so that even objects that are partially seen are complete, because the move may reveal more. 

The video size itself will be 1920X1080, but the illustrations should be slightly larger to accommodate the animation. 

Therefore, we are looking for a final delivery size of 2200x1200 and the files must be delivered as a source file (.ai/.eps/.psd, etc) with layers remaining separated.