Alex Oskie Nick Lundeen Identity by Alex Oskie

Identity package for Nick Lundeen. A Jeweler living in Minneapolis MN and working in the handmade tradition.

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Nick Lundeen Stamp

August 06, 2015

A rubber stamp I had made for Nick Lundeen. He will be using it to stamp jewelry boxes, packaging and anything else he sees fit.


July 25, 2015

The more I look at the four options for the monogram the more I am drawn to the first. There is one last shot I am going to make for this project after this one. Promise.

Monogram Exploration

July 23, 2015

had a spark of inspiration as I was reposting the logo the other day. Here is a little exploration of a monogram for Nick Lundeen. Please let me know which one you all like more. Or grab the .ai and rebound something, if you feel so inc...

Nick Lundeen Logo

July 20, 2015

I bit of a closer look at the logo I did for Nick Lundeen a jeweler in Minneapolis and close friend of mine.