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  1. 19h
    Greg Cuellar
    Commented on The Office Debate

    Functionality should be considered. Think of all the nooks and crannies that dust can hide. Cleaning the brick wall will be a major task. Even worse, how do you know when it's dirty?? Take it from someone who suffers from indoor allergies, go with the plain wall. It's the same reason the wood floor are so great.

  2. 22h
    Greg Cuellar
    Commented on My logo gets an update

    I think I like the previous version a tad more. The clip looks like it's damaged with the curl now flattened out. Before, its silhouette would almost be perfectly symmetrical, but not anymore. And I like that it looks flat, as though there's no perspective across any of the lines...except the clip handle that's furthest suddenly uses foreshortening when nothing else does. My $0.02

    Still a strong logo.

  3. 10 Oct
    Greg Cuellar
    Commented on A or B? Gig Poster Decision 2015

    DANGIT! I was going to make a crushed can gig poster. Glad I went with a matchbook instead. B.