Google Font Combinations

April 18, 2018

Last week we launched the final post of our three-part series about Google Fonts. Have a look at some of our favorite font combos. We also put an educational spin on the article, showing some of our best tips on combining type to create ...


April 11, 2018

I'm wrapping up the final blog post for @Sidecar's Google Font series. In Part 3, we're listing some of our favorite Google Font combinations. We've got lots of combos rolling out tomorrow. Edit: It's live!

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More Typography Exploration

February 23, 2018

We're continuing to explore typography as part of @Sidecar's brand refresh. It's easy to make rad stuff when you have such great content to work with. Props to @Alicja Colon for photography and paper craft, to @Summer Teal Simpson Hitch...

Practice Makes "Perfect"

February 22, 2018

Just posted the last in my three part series on managing scope creep. The current article is about revisiting your past self to make sure you're following your plans, and about the importance of sticking to a practice to ensure you reach...

Concept: Keeping Yourself On The Ball

January 24, 2018

This image was created by the uber-talented @Alicja Colon . So many thanks! The concept underlies a series of blog posts I'm currently writing on managing scope creep, and the current post is about staying on top of things once a projec...

Sidecar Shirt Tag

January 24, 2018

We recently got some new shirts in for Sidecar and they turned out what the French call "magnifique". One of my favorite parts was designing this custom sizing tag. Sadly, we made these for internal use and a promo we were running. But ...

Sidecar Typography

October 19, 2017

We've got some new things in store for @Sidecar and a part of that includes revisiting the typography. Sidecar's growing up, ready to feel more educational and aspirational. Here's an example blog layout, using one of our recent posts ab...

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Urban Hope

October 09, 2017

We love making and selling products for the design community through @Sidecar. But what we love even more is giving back – both to the design community and our local communities. If you purchased a @Sidecar product in the last year, you...