Minimalistic Job Ads

March 05, 2015

My idea was to create simple, minimalistic templates for recruiters to easily promote their new job openings (and forget about PDF/googledoc/word job descriptions). The aim is to provide "idiot-proof" and "designer-approved", self host...

Layout composition

March 11, 2014

This is where you create a layout for your future job ad. Simple drag'n'drop mechanics with some job-related elements to throw in or away. Soon part of

Positions - revisited

March 08, 2014

Although the design is not live yet, we decided to show a little background designing. Might change in the process of course. This is the screen where you see all new candidates who've applied for the Copywriter job. InHiro is an online...

Landing page

August 11, 2013

Playing around with the landing page, tweaking some details and trying to figure out how to present the app. Kudos to @slavomier who brought the page to this stage. The project is currently in beta and we still have loads to work on.


April 10, 2013

Sorry for another tilted version. The product is still in progress, but I promise to post 1:1 attachments once it's alive :)

Inbox screen

March 19, 2013

Inbox screen for an upcoming tool for the HR folks.