Flipkart Supermart by Flipkart

WIPs and Previews for Flipkart's Grocery shopping experience, a.k.a Supermart

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Supermart Product Page Desktop

July 06, 2018

Preview of the product page of Supermart by Parth Dhawan. The page focuses on Offers & Deals, Better product information callouts (like expiry date, nutrition info, etc), Quantity, Delivery availability and Bundle offers (to increa...

Supermart Homepage Desktop

July 04, 2018

Preview of Grocery shopping experience, also known as Supermart, by Parth Dhawan. The experience is currently live in Bangalore, India; currently going through lots of iterations to make it better at each step. Real Pixels | Check it li...

Supermart Browse Desktop

June 27, 2018

Preview of Supermart Browse experience by Parth Dhawan. The design focuses heavily on a basket-building approach, and all products go to a separate section in the Flipkart Cart flow (Basket). The quantity of the products can be directl...

Supermart Mobile

June 13, 2018

Preview of Grocery shopping experience of mobile platform by Parth Dhawan. The screens shown are the Browse page, Product Page and the Checkout page (where the user can select the delivery slot & address). There is a huge focus on ...