Empty States Illustrations

September 01, 2017

Few empty state illustrations that were used in the Flipkart Accounts project on the Desktop platform, Checkout the Full Preview attachment. Follow Flipkart for more Design updates. Have a great weekend 🍹🍻🍾

Flipkart First Subscription

August 31, 2017

Preview for the Flipkart First Subscription page. Flipkart First membership gives you benefits like free shipping, extra offers, one-day delivery etc, for a minimal price of Rs. 500 per year. The illustrations used here were re-created ...

My Wishlist

August 29, 2017

Preview for the Wishlist revamp, that recently went live. The Add to Cart Button/Explore Similar element would be A/B tested to see what number of users directly get into direct checkout flow from the wishlist. Do checkout the Full Pre...

Flipkart Gift Cards

August 10, 2017

Preview for upcoming Gift Cards buying experience on Flipkart web platform. The entire design was optimized for both the Signed in & Non-Signed in users, as well as for Corporate & Personal requirements. Now users can add a Gift...

Profile Information

July 27, 2017

Here's first preview for the Profile Information section, where the user gets to modify all his personal details such as name, email, password, contact no. etc. The flow was optimized by keeping personal & account related details se...

My Accounts Sidebar

July 25, 2017

My Account/Profile is soon getting a revamp, and here's the first small peek into it. We cleaned up the left-sidebar menu for a better section segregation. Payments section now shows up the individual amount upfront in the sidebar list ...