Fb3ef06c3cc728cf5b81cf7bbe4276b0 Ultraviolet

by Michael Flarup

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Uv dribbble


Remember the tiny UV App i uploaded some shots from awhile back? Well it's now available in the App Store [Free] ☛ ★ Direct link to app store ♥ Blog post on...

August 02, 2011


High Radiation

The various states of Ultraviolet radiation is coming together for our, still unnamed, UV App. If you see this, try and stay indoors.

June 08, 2011


Seek Shade

So it kinda looks like this little UV app is getting the go-ahead, a fun little project we can play with while Willi is kicking it at WWDC. So guys, what wo...

June 07, 2011

Uv dribbble

UV App

Quite a few app ideas go through the robocat office on any given day, and sometimes i'll do a proof of concept in photoshop real quick to get a feel for it. ...

June 01, 2011