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  1. 10 Jul
    Chris Figat
    Commented on Thor Mechanical Logo Development

    Really nice, I think this reads a lot cleaner than the previous version.

  2. 25 Jun
    Chris Figat
    Commented on Design Inc Approved!

    The design critique on that link is super useful, thanks for the post.

  3. 17 Jun
    Chris Figat
    Commented on JibJab Color Study

    Good read, thanks for sharing the article.

  4. 14 Jun
    Chris Figat
    Commented on Movie Card

    Liking the overall vibe, but thinking the x-height of the lowercase type makes it a bit tough to read at that size. Maybe brighten up the red type just a hair too? Dig the feel and layout though, nice work!

  5. 14 Jun
    Chris Figat
    Dribbbled App Login Screen
  6. 12 Jun
    Chris Figat
    Followed PLATFORM.