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The collection of all the artwork I create at Uxebu.

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February 27, 2013

A more redefined navigation for our upcoming pixelplant landing page. I have adjusted the colours and modified some of the icons, also wanted to show the little character (@Prekesh Chavda inspired :) I have drawn for one of the sub-feat...

Magazine infographics

December 14, 2012

Some infographics I created for some market research we did at http://uxebu.com :)


Heart animation

October 18, 2012

A little animation for a new part I have designed for our Bonsaijs framework. It will be rendered using SVGs and CSS3 animations but this was made in Photoshop, that's why it's not very smooth :) @fffabs

Saving animation

Saving Animation

October 03, 2012

A tiny 'save to cloud' animation for our upcoming Orbit project :)



September 26, 2012

Another little something I am working in my spare time, it can appeal to designers and I am working on it because there is nothing like this around, or at least nothing easy to use, won't say much just yet but I hope to publish it in the...


BonsaiJS Library website

September 11, 2012

Super happy to announce the launch of http://bonsaijs.org, our lightweight graphics library with an intuitive API and an SVG renderer. It's the engine behind our flagship tool http://pixelplant.com which is used for converting Flash to ...

Bonsai wip

Bonsai logo

September 03, 2012

A little experiment for our upcoming bonsai library, I wanted to maintain a space-theme but unfortunately the logo didn't make the cut and was discarded. Hope you like it ;) @fffabs


Generic Counter

August 13, 2012

A little something I have created for our admin area at http://pixelplant.com - it's kind of vague at the moment but I'd like to show various stats like emails sent, visits received, offers received, invoices sent etc. The on / off switc...