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  1. Capsule Capsule We’re hiring Team

    Is smart simple online CRM aimed at small to medium sized business.
  2. Jessie Maisonneuve Jessie Maisonneuve We’re hiring Pro

    Canada > Ottawa, On
    Newhouse, Maisonneuve, one or the other will do, I am a graphic designer (Illustrator, animator, web lover, overall s...
  3. Freaks & Dreamers Freaks & Dreamers We’re hiring Team

    A collective of freelance creatives. We do handcrafted branding, digital and graphic design for innovative and positi...
  4. Nicolas Bussière Nicolas Bussière We’re hiring Pro

    Paris, France
    Lead designer @https://www.leparisien.fr/ · Past : http://kenzo.com, http://octaveoctave.com, http://uzik.com & https...
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