1. Brand Identity | G Logo lettermark monogram illustraion logo lines construction
    View Brand Identity | G Logo
    Brand Identity | G Logo
  2. Docnotes (Patient Flow) brainstorming experiment experience user flow journey design ux
    View Docnotes (Patient Flow)
    Docnotes (Patient Flow)
  3. Caterspot (Vendor App Preview) dashboard android ui ux app
    View Caterspot (Vendor App Preview)
    Caterspot (Vendor App Preview)
  4. Design Portfolio | Dark Mode mode dark brand web mobile pwa app design
    View Design Portfolio | Dark Mode
    Design Portfolio | Dark Mode
  5. Mariota | Experimental PWA jokes api humour android ios pwa mobile app mariota
    View Mariota | Experimental PWA
    Mariota | Experimental PWA
  6. Search Experience Flow task flow interaction feature search search engine proof of concept ideation steps screen flow
    View Search Experience Flow
    Search Experience Flow
  7. Norbert | Virtual Assistant steps car app vehicle ui app mobile image recognition image smart virtual assistant norbert
    View Norbert | Virtual Assistant
    Norbert | Virtual Assistant
  8. Personal Space | Design Portfolio black and white black browser singapore projects experience site personal space web website portfolio senior designer design
    View Personal Space | Design Portfolio
    Personal Space | Design Portfolio
  9. Project iSight | Dashboard sea thailand toyota cars auto oem dashboard isight project
    View Project iSight | Dashboard
    Project iSight | Dashboard
  10. Live video streaming icons redirection interruption cloud icon play match video streaming live
    View Live video streaming icons
    Live video streaming icons
  11. Dribbble Sticker - Live Dribbble Love sticker design love live dribbble
    View Dribbble Sticker - Live Dribbble Love
    Dribbble Sticker - Live Dribbble Love
  12. Fetchlah - Mobile UI startup proposal pet mobile fetch dogs cats app
    View Fetchlah - Mobile UI
    Fetchlah - Mobile UI
  13. MIT x Made In Titansoft effect 3d anaglyph logo mit
    View MIT x Made In Titansoft
    MIT x Made In Titansoft
  14. iFlix Dashboard (iPad view) ipad campaign search dashboard platfrom video hackathon iflix
    View iFlix Dashboard (iPad view)
    iFlix Dashboard (iPad view)
  15. Fetchlah - Logo proposal startup animal dog cat pet identity proposal logo fetch
    View Fetchlah - Logo proposal
    Fetchlah - Logo proposal
  16. Grypp - Transportation App grypp location ui clear simple app transportation mobile
    View Grypp - Transportation App
    Grypp - Transportation App
  17. Vive La France - Sticker Mule app flinto animation france la vive
    View Vive La France - Sticker Mule
    Vive La France - Sticker Mule
  18. Quote - Steve Jobs backwards looking forward dots connecting jobs steve quote
    View Quote - Steve Jobs
    Quote - Steve Jobs
  19. User Profile Micro-interaction (Preview) microinteraction flinto user profile preview mobile app animation
    View User Profile Micro-interaction (Preview)
    User Profile Micro-interaction (Preview)
  20. Kuala Lumpur City new journey logo milestone city kuala lumpur kl
    View Kuala Lumpur City
    Kuala Lumpur City
  21. Calendar Cards 2017 white black year new happy month january 2017 cards calendar
    View Calendar Cards 2017
    Calendar Cards 2017
  22. Merry Christmas 2016 app principle stars snow holidays happy xmas christmas merry
    View Merry Christmas 2016
    Merry Christmas 2016
  23. Basic Components Animation principle animation components basic
    View Basic Components Animation
    Basic Components Animation
  24. Engine by iCarAsia (Design System) icarasia patterns design ui unified engine
    View Engine by iCarAsia (Design System)
    Engine by iCarAsia (Design System)
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