1. Thursday Matinees logo logo typography rejected
    View Thursday Matinees logo
    Thursday Matinees logo
  2. Speakeasy Logo logo lettering pony typography
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    Speakeasy Logo
  3. Proposed logo design logo typography rejected
    View Proposed logo design
    Proposed logo design
  4. Give the Devil his due typography type calligraphy lettering
    View Give the Devil his due
    Give the Devil his due
  5. Holiday Card 2013 holiday card 2013 calligraphy typography letterpress
    View Holiday Card 2013
    Holiday Card 2013
  6. Norton Anthology of Drama type typography book cover norton anthology réfusé
    View Norton Anthology of Drama
    Norton Anthology of Drama
  7. The Last Ship illustration key art theater broadway last ship the last ship painted
    View The Last Ship
    The Last Ship
  8. The Norton Anthology of Drama book cover typography title treatment
    View The Norton Anthology of Drama
    The Norton Anthology of Drama
  9. Portemaillot typography
    View Portemaillot
  10. Etoile typography
    View Etoile
  11. Montparnasse typography
    View Montparnasse
  12. This poster theater key art round house this
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  13. The Lyons theater poster key art round house
    View The Lyons
    The Lyons
  14. Murder Ballad theater poster key art spotco
    View Murder Ballad
    Murder Ballad
  15. Round House - Two Trains Running theater poster round house
    View Round House - Two Trains Running
    Round House - Two Trains Running
  16. Adventureland logo refusé type typography spotco
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  17. Seminar poster refusé type theater title
    View Seminar
  18. The Explorers Club type typography title theater play map réfusé spotco
    View The Explorers Club
    The Explorers Club
  19. Rocky  poster key art theater spotco photography
    View Rocky
  20. Four of a Kind type typography
    View Four of a Kind
    Four of a Kind
  21. Healing Plants calligraphy typography lettering spotco
    View Healing Plants
    Healing Plants
  22. Performers type title treatment theatre rejected typography type spotco
    View Performers type
    Performers type
  23. Faceted type type typography
    View Faceted type
    Faceted type
  24. Book cover type type typography book cover
    View Book cover type
    Book cover type
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