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Omada About Page Revamp

Cleaning up our about page as the team continues to grow. Going for something scalable, yet clean and light. On hover, the bottom bar overlay transitions up ...

September 06, 2013

Profile Page & the goods

So @Daniel Waldron @Michelle Vandy and I are really cranking. Love this team & what we're building. Here's a quick glance at Prevent's profile WIP. You c...

September 06, 2013

Collections, Columnists, Breadcrumbs

A sneaka peaka at a blog I'm designing. -- So this is sudo-filtering. Right now, you've chosen to only see articles added to the "Time to Freefall..." col...

August 01, 2013

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Calendar + Missed Events

A small piece of a big product. This calendar has a main functionality (more on that in future shots) and the orange days represent missed [product related] ...

July 15, 2013

Designer Onboarding Handout - Wireframe

I’m working on creating a new onboarding process for future Omada product design hires. So far, through some iterations, I’ve been able to simplify it down t...

June 26, 2013

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