Hi, I am Erkan Sutculer, I am your partner or contributor to succeed in your professional life. As Erkan Sutculer, I pursue software projects in business and nonprofit with exponential growth potentials.

Some important remarks about Erkan Sutculer:
► His name is Erkan Sutculer, founder & chief trainer of International Scrum Institute™.
► Erkan Sutculer is married for over 12 years, and he has a daughter at the age of 11.
► Erkan Sutculer has studied computer science and holds a master's degree in Computer Engineering.
► Erkan Sutculer has been living and working in Zurich, Switzerland, and he holds Swiss citizenship.
► Erkan Sutculer has been working since he was 20 years old, mainly in Technology Services, Consultancy Services, Software, Telecommunications and of course in Education/Training industry which is his second passion after his family!
► Erkan Sutculer has built a large following of professionals, sold hundreds of thousands of his training programs, and popularized online trainings.


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