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Replate is a nonprofit that aims to reduce food waste and hunger in the community by using tech to match extra food with those who need it.

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Replate Website Redesign

March 15, 2018

Working on design and frontend engineering for Replate's static pages. Redesign launching soon at!

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Replate Pricing Page

March 14, 2018

Updated pricing page for Replate.

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Replate Marketplace

November 19, 2016

I'm currently working with Replate and their mission to eliminate food waste and hunger in the community. One of their upcoming features, the Replate Marketplace, allows individuals to donate their extra food to others nearby. The new ...

Replate Homepage

September 27, 2016

As a project leader for Blueprint, Technology for Nonprofits this year, I'm working with Replate, a NPO that helps eliminate food waste and hunger in the community. Our project is a React + Rails application that connects individual food...