Adam Michael Krause Cassette Layout

January 14, 2019

Art direction and layout for the upcoming release on Geology Records. Landscape photos by Adam. Leaves collected near my home last Autumn.

Geology Records Spring Batch

April 23, 2018

Finally finished the packaging for the Spring Batch from Geology Records. These were a lot of fun to figure out and I am really pleased with the overall results.


March 02, 2018

Final planning stages on the booklets that will accompany the next three releases on Geology.

Meta Mora Cassette Layout

February 22, 2018

Layout for an ambient/drone album released on my record label. More info here:


February 13, 2018

Prototyping a new type of packaging for upcoming Geology releases.

Dura Cassette Layout

February 06, 2018

Slipcase and j-card cover for an incredible ambient/drone release on my record label by the artist Dura. More info/photos here:

Kyle Landstra / Braeyden Jae Cassette Layout

January 22, 2018

Layout for a split release on my record label by the ambient/drone artists Kyle Landstra and Braeyden Jae. More info here:

Geology Records Website

January 22, 2018

Cheers Dribbble! Psyched to be on board. @Mark Davis thanks much for the invite! This is the front page of my record label's website. Thought it would be a nice debut since the label is a place where I get to play and try new ideas with...