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Went all angles on this camera, which I composed entirely out of element's from Adorama's logo. Check out the final campaign

February 11, 2015

Simon Wenger

Identity for my dapper grandpop, who also happens to be a piano tuning and repair genius. This guy is a magician with pianos, and now that he's retired we've...

June 19, 2013

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A fraction of a logotype facelift that's in the works. Can't show the full thing yet, but this little guy was begging, so here he at.

June 06, 2013



An event logo for photographers who blog. Have you seen something like this before?

July 11, 2012

Aa final

✡ ‹-› AA Final

I'm glad to report that the "AA" concept was very well received. This shot is the final, tweaked and refined mark.

May 23, 2012