Hiromi Maeo

enhanced Inc.
CEO, Branding enhancer, Art director, Graphic designer

Hiromi Maeo is a Japanese graphic designer with over 20 years' experience. He has prolifically designed for many notable Japanese corporations, and recently started designing for global enterprises.

He founded enhanced Inc in 2012, and since then Hiromi’s main focus has been on corporate branding. His design expertise covers wide ranges of visual representation for brands, including CI and VI design, art direction, web design, packaging design, and space design.

His design style is minimalistic and timeless which enhances the core essence of the brand. When it comes to CI and VI design, what makes his work so outstanding is the highly sophisticated style of his design process, the way he meticulously constructs essential shapes on refined grids and how his interpretation of the core of the brand comes together into a strong visual identity.

Tokyo, Japan

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