Seismic Brewing Co. Alluvium 6-Pack Carton

August 01, 2018

Here's the 6-pack carton for Alluvium Pilsner. All of the "cracks" in Seismic's packaging connect to create a river of cracks when their products are placed side by side to create a billboarding effect.

Seismic Brewing Co. Alluvium Illustration

August 01, 2018

Here's the full illustration for Seismic's Alluvium California Pilsner. The sleeping rock giant under the waterfall was inspired by John Muir, the famous naturalist who is known as the father of our national parks in the U.S. and helped ...

Seismic Brewing Co. Alluvium California Pilsner

August 01, 2018

An Alluvium is a deposit of fertile soil left by a network of streams or river delta (also known as an alluvial fan). For Seismic Brewing Co., we've tried to depict nature with a sense of wonder and respect for its immense power. In this...

Seismic Brewing Co. Logo & Sustainability Badge

January 16, 2018

We touched up the Seismic Brewing Co. logo to be more self-contained and concise. We also adjusted the epicenter lines to give the impression of seismic activity. Sustainability is a key differentiator for Seismic. For example, the brewe...

Seismic Brewing Co. Liquifaction 6-pack

January 16, 2018

Here's the 6-pack can carton for Seismic's Liquifaction Kölsch. All the wavy lines and cracks line up when the cartons are placed side by side to create a continuous image.

Seismic Brewing Co. Liquifaction Illustration

January 15, 2018

Here's the full illustration for Seismic's Liquifaction Kölsch. Liquefaction is the process by which soil behaves like a liquid, usually as the result of an earthquake. I was trying to capture this idea with a foggy, hilly Northern Calif...

Seismic Brewing Co. Liquifaction Kölsch

January 15, 2018

Science lesson: Liquefaction — with an "e" — is the process where solid matter begins to behave like a liquid. For example, earthquakes can cause soil to behave like quicksand. Liquifaction — with an "i" — is the process in which you dri...

Seismic Brewing Co. Shattercone IPA 6-pack

January 12, 2018

All the "cracks" on the Seismic 6-packs line up. The illustration is also seamless so that no matter which way the product is shelved, the illustration creates a continuous scene — which is a pain in the ass but totally worth it.