CopperMuse Gin with Hibiscus

March 27, 2019

We completed this packaging last year but haven't had a spare moment to share. CopperMuse Hibiscus Gin changes color depending upon the PH of the ingredients in a mixed drink. We wanted to evoke a calming, aromatic experience while highl...

CopperMuse Distillery Spiced Rum

December 11, 2017

Just in time for all you egg nog lovers out there. Our friends at CopperMuse Distillery in Fort Collins, CO hired us to design a new Spiced Rum label for their rum portfolio. The back label is sandwich-printed on a metallized substrate, ...

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CopperMuse Whiskey

August 16, 2017

We had the opportunity to redevelop one of our unused logo concepts for CopperMuse Distillery into the new labels for their portfolio of craft whiskey. The design language within the whiskey category tends take its cues from the 19th cen...

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CopperMuse Distillery Logo - Abandoned Concept

February 08, 2017

This was one of the original logo options for CopperMuse Distillery. I was pulling it off the scrap pile to reuse the wings and thought it needed to see the light of day. Ultimately, they chose the right logo but this one had some great ...

CopperMuse Honey Dill Vodka

September 30, 2015

CopperMuse Distillery is producing limited release infused vodkas. The first batch includes cucumber, jalapeño, horseradish, and honey dill. Due to the botanical nature of infusions, we went for an apothecary meets naturalist feel. The l...

CopperMuse Rum

July 25, 2014

Just got my first samples! The labels are printed on foil with two hits of white and a matte laminate. This allows me to use copper throughout the label. The back label is sandwich printed to reveal the deco pattern and a Shakespeare quo...

COPPERMUSE Vicieux Black Vodka

April 08, 2014

Sister Vodka to Vertueux. Both labels mirror each other.

COPPERMUSE Vertueux Vodka

April 08, 2014

CopperMuse is launching two sister Vodkas: a traditional clear Vodka, Vertueux, and a black Vodka, Vicieux.