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I was hired by Copper Kettle Brewing to improve their brand identity and help them launch their first bottled beer, Mexican Chocolate Stout.

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Copper Kettle Special Release Tequila Citrus IPA

June 21, 2016

Copper Kettle needed a bomber label template that was easy and economical to update for small-batch, special releases. At the same time, the label needs to reflect the quality and price point of these rare beers. To solve this problem, t...

Copper Kettle Tap Handles

June 22, 2015

With the increasing varieties of craft beer, tap heads are getting crowded. The challenge is to create a handle that gets noticed but isn't too large. If the handle is too wide, it will get turned sideways. If it's too small, it's hard f...

Copper Kettle Helles

April 22, 2015

Copper Kettle is due to release some sessionable beers in cans very soon. I've got some more info on the project over on our site http://emrich.co/#/copperkettlecans/ Hit the attachments for some more shot details.

Copper Kettle Sobremesa Summer Pale Ale

July 15, 2014

Fourth installment of Copper Kettle's Barrel Aged Series. Can't wait to taste this one! Hit the attachment for the full label.

Copper Kettle Le Chapeau

April 01, 2014

Copper Kettle's third barrel aged series beer. Le Chapeau means "The Hat" in French and was a nickname given to Napoleon by his soldiers. The copper color is metallic copper foil.

Copper Kettle Naja Imperial Red IPA

March 03, 2014

That's an Indian cobra, also known as the Naja Naja. I saw the press proof last week and the snakes look really good on the metallic copper foil.

Copper Kettle Charlie's Golden Strong Label

February 28, 2014

Charlie, a golden retriever mix, was rescued by the owners of Copper Kettle. While I was meeting with my client to concept this very label, Charlie destroyed a brand new tennis ball in less than a minute. I think they buy tennis balls in...

Copper Kettle Well Bred Barley Wine

November 12, 2013

This English-style Barley Wine is the second release in Copper Kettle's Barrel Aged series. I love the play between the name and the illustration. Check out the attached shots for additional details.