Leggings are pants

May 09, 2017

For any other lula fans out there, filtering through hundreds of leggings albums can be a time consuming. Wishing for a better shopping experience 👖🤑

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Travel app exercise wires

November 06, 2016

Haven't dribbbled in a while! Recently, I experienced first world travel frustrations and took to the drawing board. I decided to create a fake case study for fun! Attaching a few screenshots of the workflow. Perhaps you’ve experienced s...

Product size

August 09, 2016

I really want this bedazzled grapefruit case and am tinkering with the product details page!

Drop down menu

July 29, 2016

Share modal

July 27, 2016

After a user selects Share, these are their options...

My content library WIP

July 25, 2016

Recently, my husband bought me a few books and shared through the Family Library. Since I was new, I needed accept the invitation as well as download the appropriate apps. Despite having to go through the extra steps, transferring conten...

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Yoshi daycare app part II

May 27, 2016

Was noodling more on the concept of doggie daycare. As Yoshi's mommy, I have control of the app. I would be able to check him in at drop off, see his daily report, and pay when I come to pick him up. Could be cool...

No spoilers pls

May 23, 2016

Thankfully this didn’t happen to me this week. But, back when Glenn’s life was in question during the Walking Dead’s season six, I had a major melt down. Opened up instagram to see the hashtag #RIPGlenn and my heart sank. Not having watc...

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