Emre Can Acer Daily UI Challenge by Emre Can Acer

My UI designs from #DailyUI challenge.

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Mobile Settings Screen Design

July 09, 2019

#DailyUI :: 007, create a settings screen | A mobile settings page for beverage customization screen on Starbucks®. I first drew icons for sizes but then realized that it would be much easier and fun for users to choose the size in this...

Mobile User Profile Design

July 08, 2019

#DailyUI :: 006, create a user profile | A mobile user profile page for a photography and story sharing social media app.

Fluid App Icon Design

July 07, 2019

#DailyUI :: 005, create an app icon | An app icon design for a meditation app, which is called "fluid". The uniqueness of the app is, it uses a new tech for the sound recordings, so they are as natural as possible. My moodboard for the...

Mobile Calculator Design

July 05, 2019

#DailyUI :: 004, create a calculator | A basic calclator mobile app design.

Dailyui 003   landing3

Landing Page Design

July 04, 2019

#DailyUI :: 003, create a landing page | A landing page for a social media web site which is like a social diary / thought journal.

Mobile Checkout Design

July 03, 2019

#DailyUI :: 002, create a credit card checkout page | An order summary and a chechkout page for an e-commerce app.

Mobile Sign Up/Login Design

July 02, 2019

#DailyUI :: 001, create a sign up page | A mobile sign up/login screen for a donut ordering app.