1. Black Lives Matter! black cause hair longhair beautiful beauty resist rights graphicdesign woman girl affinity illustration womens day liberation freedome art women empowerment blackwomen women
    Black Lives Matter!
  2. Black Lives Matter - Remembering George Floyd equality breathe gradient policebrutality racism end tears blacklivesmatter empowerment typeface graphic graphic design image illustration design art georgefloyd
    Black Lives Matter - Remembering George Floyd
  3. Data Analysis Platform wireframe login browser icon navigation header side menu sidebar mockup prototype interface web platform uiux visualisation visualization datascience analysis data app
    Data Analysis Platform
  4. Rescued Cat Matchmaker home meeting pet care love meow pet matchingapp matchmaker hcd uiux mobile ui paw shelter rescue animal kitty cat mobile app match
    Rescued Cat Matchmaker
  5. Icons lock card styling sketch app document home symbol settings exit door creditcard payment uiux uidesign webdesign iconography iconset icons branding
  6. Recording UI prototype animation app ia mobile accordion wireframe responsive icon voice recorder mic microphone purple interactive uiux gif ui recording
    Recording UI
  7. Drill_Vocabulary wonder thinker think woman studying ui ux design asset app design character thinking person affinity affinitydesigner illustration flashcards vocab drill ai english learning app
  8. TerraTalk Icons component zoom minus plus star email badge branding figma sketch symbol mail specs icons uiux ui mobile ui application
    TerraTalk Icons
  9. Jamie and a sparrow lgbtq ivy leaf nature wall brick blonde bird man woman brush app english learning design boy girl education illustration character
    Jamie and a sparrow
  10. Lounge earth couch sofa lounge relax application smartphone mobile mobile app character graphic illustrator woman boy girl ai ui illustration education app
  11. MOONCAT glow night digitaldrawing uiuxdesign galaxy curve stars star kitty animal cute character illustration design universe planet outer space space cats cat
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