Meditation App Concept | Day 365/365 - Project365

December 31, 2018

Day 365/365 - Meditation App Concept Minimal Monday: So, here it is. The final moment that I've been waiting for! Here's the final shot from my Project365 - Without missing one single day, throughout the year 2018. What a fantastic ...

Camping Spots Finder App | Day 364/365 - Project365

December 30, 2018

Day 364/365 - Camping Spots Finder App Super Sunday: And for the second last day of my project365, here's an app concept where you can find camping/hiking spots nearby. I am super excited and super pumped that I am almost done with th...

Fitness Challenges/Dare App | Day 363/365 - Project365

December 29, 2018

Day 363/365 - Fitness Challenges/Dare App Concept Dashboard Saturday: An app that not only motivates you to get fit but to win money as well. What do you think of this concept/ What is Project365? Visit

Hostel Booking App - Freebie | Day 362/365 - Project365

December 28, 2018

Day 362/365 - Hostel Booking App - Sketch Freebie Freebie Friday: So, here's the final freebie from my Project365. It's been a huge journey from the beginning of 2018. Here's a simple hostel booking app flow as my last freebie. A sim...

Blood Donation App | Day 361/365 - Project365

December 27, 2018

Day 361/365 - Blood Donation App Concept Disruptive Thursday: Here's a simple app where you can look at recent requests for blood and make arrangements accordingly. What is Project365? Visit

Fun Workspaces Finder App | Day 360/365 - Project365

December 26, 2018

Day 360/365 - Fun Workspaces Finder App Wireframe Wednesday: Here's an app wireframe for workspace discovery. Pretty straightforward. What do you think of this one? What is Project365? Visit

Ola App Redesign Concept | Day 359/365 - Project365

December 25, 2018

Day 359/365 - Ola App Redesign Concept Redesign Tuesday: Here's a redesign concept for Ola mobile app. One of the biggest players in transportation, in India. What do you think? What is Project365? Visit

Mobile Recharge App | Day 358/365 - Project365

December 24, 2018

Day 358/365 - Minimal Mobile Recharge App Concept Minimal Monday: Here's a recharging app concept for mobile phones. What do you think? What is Project365? Visit

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