1. Neonautics v.03 album art digital art digital drawing draw cg sketchbook sketches sketch illustration fish space neon cyberpunk futuristic synthpop electropop electronic neonautics skyqode
    View Neonautics v.03
    Neonautics v.03
  2. Game Investment Platform — Games user flow cards product design ux ui investor gamedev game investment platform xsolla
    View Game Investment Platform — Games
    Game Investment Platform — Games
  3. In-Game Store — Bundles game development game dev figma ux design ui design ui product design bundles bundle in game store store xsolla
    View In-Game Store — Bundles
    In-Game Store — Bundles
  4. Xsolla Chat widget chat application chatting interface chat flow message messenger support chat support gamedev widget ux design ux ui design ui chat widget chat app chat design chat chat platform xsolla
    View Xsolla Chat widget
    Xsolla Chat widget
  5. People App — social network developers team team confluence jira user settings gamedev test prototype ux test product design drafts concept ux design ux ui design ui user profile social network social people app xsolla
    View People App — social network
    People App — social network
  6. 2 Dribbble Invites ice cream candies caramel interface events invite app free application candy app design mobile app music ui design ui invites invite mobile music player dribbble invite dribbble
    View 2 Dribbble Invites
    2 Dribbble Invites
  7. Sketches 003 traditional art medusa speedart black and white pencil paper demons drawing draw halloween surreal abstraction aliens illustration sketchbook sketches sketch dragon drafts draft
    View Sketches 003
    Sketches 003
  8. mottor — site generator landing space clean design concept user interface one page illustration isometric web desing web site generator landing page landing ui design ui futuristic neon site builder product design mottor lpmotor
    View mottor — site generator landing
    mottor — site generator landing
  9. Color System — iterations buttons design button color design color tools color picker clean color color concept concept user interface color schemes palette color system design system ui design ui product design color palette colors colorful color
    View Color System — iterations
    Color System — iterations
  10. mottor editor — new mode and tools dark mode dark theme layers landing landing builder site tools tools styles right panel left panel site editor ux design ux ui design ui product design site builder editor mottor lpmotor
    View mottor editor — new mode and tools
    mottor editor — new mode and tools
  11. Sketches 002 landing paper pencil work in progress graphic design ux design ux ui illustration interface illustration interface illustration draw concept wip sketchbook sketches sketch drawing drafts draft
    View Sketches 002
    Sketches 002
  12. Letter M logo options letters logotype graphic design mark brand identity logotypes logofolio letter m lpmotor mottor free logo logo design logos logo free drafts draft concept logo branding brand
    View Letter M logo options
    Letter M logo options
  13. mottor rebranding style redesign rebranding identity graphic design brand design logotypes logo design logos logo guidelines guideline fashion guide brand identity branding brand art direction lpmotor mottor
    View mottor rebranding
    mottor rebranding
  14. Process moodboard moodboards moodboard art direction branding brand aesthetic
    View Process moodboard
    Process moodboard
  15. Sketches 001 pencil draw sketchbook sketches sketch mark logofolio logotypes logo design logos logo letter m drawing drafts draft concept logo branding brand lpmotor mottor
    View Sketches 001
    Sketches 001
  16. Gradients design system color tools ui design ui blue green red color picker fresh colors neon colors neon colorful gradients gradient free figma color palette branding colors color
    View Gradients
  17. Virink Achievements Icons ui design ui neon colors neon icon set futuristic space achievements cyberpunk icon design icons icon illustration virink
    View Virink Achievements Icons
    Virink Achievements Icons
  18. Neonautics v.02 ultraviolet graphic design alien wacom cintiq wacom draw lights space sea horse sea neon synthpop electropop electronic cover art album art neonautics skyqode illustration drawing
    View Neonautics v.02
    Neonautics v.02
  19. LPmotor logo concept neon brand style m logo identity brutalism cyberpunk logotype logo design logotypes logos logo letter m concept logo futuristic brand design branding brand identity brand lpmotor mottor
    View LPmotor logo concept
    LPmotor logo concept
  20. Neonautics v.01 branding drawing draw lights meduses ocean sea electropop electronic cover art synthpop neon medusa illustration futuristic cyberpunk cover design album art neonautics skyqode
    View Neonautics v.01
    Neonautics v.01
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