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by Ed Wellbrook brushedtype.co

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Brushed Type

Snapshot of the Brushed Type site I redesigned. The shot shows the app Hack Later and the UI I also designed. Full view of the site attached, and you can see...

December 13, 2013


Our Services

Making some mini illustrations for services offered. This is the second of three. The iPhone still needs work though.

October 21, 2012

Bio page

Bio Page

Bio section for http://brushedtype.co/ Full view attached, feedback welcome!

March 01, 2012

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Screen shot 2012 02 26 at 12.33.28

Brushed Type

Just launched Brushed Type, a new project I'm working on with various other designers. Check out the site: http://brushedtype.co/

February 26, 2012

Logo concept

Brushed Type

Never been very good with making logos, but his morning I had this idea for a personal logo. Thoughts and critique welcome :)

October 08, 2011