I am a nurse. I operate in the emergency area of a hospital, so I have a stressful schedule. My shift timings are very unpredictable, and sometimes we have to go and work on emergency cases at odd hours. Recently was hectic than the usual ones. When I got a telephone call from my sister, I bore in mind that I had some personal work. My sibling was getting married in a month, and she had asked me to arrange specific things for the wedding. It had completely slipped my mind, however I assured to begin working on everything right away.
I asked my colleagues for aid and began to organize the wedding event. As I scheduled everything, I crossed it off my list. I had some difficulty getting a reputable photographer and had to do a great deal of research. However, I handled that too. Finally, I needed to arrange a high-end vehicle rental dubai so that we might carry all the guests from the airport to the venue. Each company I called had some issue. They were either too costly or not available. Some did not agree with


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