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    Dylan Opet
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    Dylan Opet
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    I mean, I agree with the comments and you also can't own a cheeseburger vector unless they copied it 100%, but as we can all see it was that until some certain strokes were made such as the dots, cheese, overall...

    I've had work like this been copied from the slightest changes and I honestly take it as a compliment with a tad bit of haste of course, but nothing I pretty much can do unless its literally exactly mine and I have thousands to blow on legal fees, which then I'd still even debate.

    But of course, it's always a bummer....at least we know lots love your work mate. Cheers and keep up the wonderful art.

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    Dylan Opet
    Commented on Mention + Slack (finally) 🎉💞

    Beautiful, perfect and consistent whitespace, clearly defined message. Kudos mate.

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    Dylan Opet
    Commented on TEMP 01

    Perfect in every way.