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This is a project for people who love to play game and share the moment with their friends in their social network of gamer lifestyle

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mePlay - Game Store

September 25, 2016

Hi mates, It has been more than two months since my last shot. Here are the screens from the mobile app called "mePlay" which I had worked for Zing team of VNG Corp last year. Hope you guy like it and give me an "L"

Meplay onboarding

Zing Play - Onboarding Screens Animated version

April 20, 2016

Hi Dribbblers, It's been a long time from my last shot. Since I joined Impekable team, I've had a lot of awesome projects to join in. And it seems like I forget about my Dribbble :'> Today I make an animated version of Zing Play onboa...

Zing Play - Onboarding Screen

January 25, 2016

Hi everyone, Today I want to show you one option for onboarding screen of my current project "Zing Play" - a mobile app project of VNG Corp. I am happy to be a product design collaborator for VNG Corp - one of biggest internet entertainm...