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Homemade cookies

Homemade Cookies

For us Dutchies and EU members the new year will bring the new and dreaded cookie law! In short: we're required to 'warn and inform' people that our website ...

December 18, 2012

News reporter icons  dribbble

News Reporter Icons

Check these news reporter icons! Please tell me what you think. Which one(s) do you like best? These are vector icons without pixel precision, sorry about that.

January 12, 2012

Multimedia icons

Multimedia Icons

I just uploaded this icon set, it's over here. I like the film roll, HDTV and the earbuds. Which one(s) do you like best? Let me know.

September 23, 2011



Also the Seagull is part of the Port icons. This one was the last one added to the set. In my opinion it really contributed to the whole Port 'idea' and made...

September 10, 2011



The tugboat is part of the Port Icons. For now it is just on, but soon it will be on as well. I like the Captain, th...

September 10, 2011