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About page (w/ animated nav) - DustinPutnam.com

November 07, 2017

Some early explorations of the About page, as well as the navigation. Wanted to try my hand at animating with Principle. Really loved the program, hated the process of optimizing the GIF for this shot :) Press L to show some love. Sta...

Homepage - DustinPutnam.com

September 04, 2017

Some early explorations of the Homepage for my personal portfolio. I wanted to go with something minimal that was simple and clean. Because it's my portfolio, the main call to action is to view my work. The sidebar would be sticky on Des...

Personal Logo v2 - DustinPutnam.com

September 04, 2017

While I've been working on my portfolio branding, I've realized that I needed to shift from the original direction. The first version I did felt a little too washed out and stuffy for what I was going for. This new version feels closer...

Personal Logo - DustinPutnam.com

July 03, 2017

Hello everyone! I created a very simplistic, minimal logo to be used on my personal portfolio site. Didn't want to incorporate my name or add any more detail/styling since I want my work to be the star of the show when others are on my ...

UI Style Guide - DustinPutnam.com

July 02, 2017

Hello everyone! Wanted to give a sneak peak at my process when redesigning my portfolio site, dustinputnam.com. Like all great projects I get to work on, my design work begins by establishing a style guide that will soon become a living...

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