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  1. 14 Apr Pro
    John ♖♜
    Commented on Mirado landing page

    The app in the cellphone looks weird.
    The text is too small on the first module.

  2. 10 Apr Pro
    John ♖♜
    Commented on I'm moving ♖♜

    I'm finally moving to the Bay Area. I'm super excited to leave the excitement of Shanghai and join @Jeremy Sallée ✦✦✦ at Nutanix.

    This is a perfect opportunity to meet some new folks. I'm sad to leave my bro's here in China (@Lorenzo Buosi, @Mauricio Estrella @Estuardo Rodríguez) but anything is a good excuse to grab some beers and meet some people.

    If anyone has tips I should write down as an expat or new in town, I would appreciate it.